Many of my workshops concentrate on smaller wall hangings so the student can learn a new technique or two and conceivably finish it with in a short time period.  If you are interested in taking a workshop, hiring me to instruct for your guild, or have any questions please contact me at: 

Slow Stitch –Adding Hand Embroidery to Landscapes

One day workshop for the beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter.


The class begins with a discussion of the Slow Stitch movement and how it has evolved into our current sphere of quilting. The discussion will evolve into designing simple landscapes that can be embellished with embroidery for more interest and detail. Students will be guided through fabric choices, the quilt top will be assembled and then made ready for stitching. We will discuss ways of marking the quilts or whether you need to mark them at all! We will cover the effects created by various hand stitches – windy or calm? Sparse foliage or full of shrubs? The joys and flexibility of the straight stitch. Be prepared to work at your speed, no rules, no deadlines. Students may choose to create their wall hanging in their own colour ways. Check out other patterns - "The Ovens", "Cole Harbour Farm" and "Blue Rocks" on my pattern page.

Woven Quilts

One day workshop for – Beginner + (know how to use rotary cutter & mat)


Celebrate the weaving of two or more different materials to create a distinctive piece of fabric. There will be a discussion of the variety of materials that can be used to work the fabric and how fabrics of various patterns can create movement. Students will create the wall hanging “Something to Crow About” weaving the crow and landscape

Parchment Oak Leaves
One day workshop for those familiar with free motion stitching.


Designed for the intermediate quilter, this class explores bobbin couching on organza using a water-soluble stabilizer, and stitching selectively to achieve images in your quilting using metallic and shimmering threads. Students will be quilting in the afternoon of this class. Students may wish to design their own simple image for this project and should contact the instructor prior to class for advice.

Update:  Alternate ideas are using daisies, cone flowers or sun flowers in your wall hanging:

Pictorial Quilts for Beginners

One day workshop for Beginner+   

A course designed for those interested in pictorial quilts but unsure where to begin. There will be discussion of fabric colours and choices, and simple drafting of patterns. Students will be guided through the processes of raw edge applique, confetti, and quilt as you go techniques. With these techniques students should be able to design and stitch their own uncomplicated designs in the comfort of their sewing areas.
Students should be familiar with using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat, and have minimal knowledge of free motion machine quilting. Students will stitch the scene below from Prospect Bay, NS. Check out other patterns "MacDonald House," "Purple House, Purple Lupins," and "Autumn Leaves" on my pattern page.

Images on Fabric

One day workshop for all levels

This beginner workshop is an introduction to altering the colour and design of your fabric through exploration of a variety of techniques other than dyeing. Students will be shown how to play with Inktense pencils, markers, acrylic paints, and Shiva paint sticks. Students will create a series of samples illustrating the techniques, and receive more ideas for applications from the instructor. As students may stain their clothing, come dressed to play in your paint clothes!

From Photograph to Pictorial Quilt
Three day workshop for Intermediate to Advanced Quilters

A class designed to help you create a fabric scene using skills learned from today's quilting techniques. You can choose a photo that you would like to construct for this class; a seascape, mountains, cityline, etc., and bring it into focus using your choice of fabric. There will be discussion of enlarging techniques, colour wheel – how it applies to your picture, fabric selections, piecing/applique techniques, and free motion quilting. If you have not attempted a landscape before and would like to try it, this class is for you.

You should have some experience in piecing and appliqué – an intermediate quilter.

No drawing skills are necessary!

Delightful Dragonflies
One day workshop

This class offers the intermediate quilter an opportunity to work on tulle and/or organza. Students will work with water-soluble stabilizer, raw edge appliqué, machine appliqué and wooly embellishments. Students have the option of quilting the entire project, or just the borders. Built in embroidery pattern ‘Dragonflies’ from the Pfaff Creative Vision machine included in project. Kit Fee.

Pet Portraits
One day workshop - Beginner +

Take a photograph of your favourite pet and transform it into fabric usingfusible web products and your sharp scissors. Add a little bit of character to the wall hanging by including the pet’s toys or hobbies. This is a small project designed for those students who have experience free motion quilting.

Quilter’s Tote Bag

One day workshop for Beginner +

A tote bag designed to carry all your supplies to class or retreat. Interior pockets include one zipper section, places for your rotary cutter, ruler and mat, books, scissors, pens, paper, batt, and fabric. It is large enough to hold a queen size quilt. For easy access unzip the sides to lay the tote flat on your work surface. It is a one day class for those students who are informed beginners and beyond.

Sari Scraps

One Day Workshop for Intermediate +

When saris wear out, the good sections of the cloth are cut into scraps and stitched into wall hangings or blankets creating beautiful beaded and stitched items.  Inspired by these items, this sari scrap art piece was conceived.  Some blocks are odd patterned while others are medallions; stitched with all colours of sequins and beads.  Some blocks are bobbin couched to created a thicker stitched line while others are hand embroidered. Students will be shown how to design patterns for the blocks, and some patterns will be provided.  Bobbin Couching, beading, sequins and hand embroidery will be elements of the workshop. Experience in free motion stitching is necessary for this class.

Half Day Workshops

Picnic Placemats with Karen Henry


Students will create two lovely placemats ready for plating!  The sides contain pockets for your matching napkins and cutlery.  Roll the placemats up, tie and stow for your outing. For your focal point choose an 8” x 8” image to be surrounded by accent colours or patterns. This class is for those students who are familiar with rotary cutting and have some quilting experience. 

Rope Tote by Karen Henry


An opportunity to make a lovely tote for use on the beach or as your pick-up-and-go bag!  These bags are nice and sturdy and stitched in beautiful colours of your own choosing or made from long scraps cut to 1 ¾” width.  Students will learn one of the methods for wrapping cord and stitching into a tote or basket.  Beginners are welcome.

Fabric Postcards with Karen Henry

Have you thought about creating a unique mini quilt for a friend or family member, or an exchange with like minded quilters?  These little treats are fun to make and do not require much time.  Students will be shown how to pattern their own design and create it during class time.  No rotary cutters required!  Come and join me for scrappy adventures in stitching.

Landscape Quilts – Where do I start?

2 hour lecture by Karen Henry


A lecture intended for those interested in designing their own landscape quilts but are not sure how to begin.  The lecture will cover designing the pattern itself and discuss a variety of enlarging techniques.

Students will learn adding and subtracting from your original idea may improve the overall project:

What should I take out – that awful telephone pole?  Will adding or subtracting lines from the piece increase or detract from the main focus of my quilt?  The lecture will cover the colour wheel and fabric selection evolving into techniques for creating the actual art quilt – painting, applique, piecing, or embellishing, etc.  Attendees will have a basic framework for initiating their own textile piece.  Handouts included in lecture.

Bobbin Couching & Wash-Away Stabilizers


​This workshop is an excellent opportunity to explore some of the capabilities of your sewing machine. As the upper part of your machine is unable to handle threads past a certain weight, we use the bobbin for pearl cotton or crochet cotton. You obtain a lovely thick outline with a raised edge which makes it perfect for zen-doodles, mandalas or as an accent. Stitching on organza can give you a lace-like effect. This is a technique orientated workshop at an intermediate level.

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