Cottage Country

This is Cottage Country, a 17" x 45 1/2" wall hanging that was the first idea for my dory series. As it happened my 'Whispers' piece - Adrift and Anchor became the first completed piece, and this one became second. Cottage Country was a joy to stitch. It was inspired by summer trips to the cottage which involved swimming, floating, paddling, and splashing.

First came the lovely blue-green fabric for the water purchased from a vendor in Panama City, Florida. The gentleman at the quilt show with his vendor wife decided to see if his dyed cotton would sell. Well! I didn't have a bottomless pocket book, but I had enough to buy this gem.

In design I chose to not concern myself with accurate perspective to create a more whimsical piece. The yellow cottage lies in two dimensional format and enjoys fish leaping out in front of it. Fun to think the fish could be this big in comparison to the cottage! Millions of fisherman could be at that door! The wharf awaits your footsteps on the way to a perfect belly flop. The dories have been tied up and are ready for use again. Keep your toes away from the turtle.

Enjoy your cottage countries this summer.

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