That Pile o' Scraps!

Winding down from a busy year and I find myself thinking about that pile of scraps. It is just like the ole sour dough bread recipe, it keeps growing and growing, feed it a little, take a few bits out, and you find yourself asking your neighbors if they would like some scrap dough. You give them a little and then run fast as you and I both know, their scraps will take off too. Eventually your neighbors will come back asking if you would like some of their scrap dough. Insidious scrap dough! RUN!

My scraps were sorted into colour bags and I dumped them on the floor. Loki didn't mind, he liked to sleep in the scraps in the box, on the floor and on my lap. Little Scrapmaster!

Some of the projects I worked on were post cards. I wondered if post cards were passe' now or still good as gold? I decided "Good as Gold!" They are a great way to make up small landscapes or abstracts that fulfill your need to create without using a great span of time. I made many of those cards and enjoyed every moment. I let the scraps I took out of the bag draw me to the design. So relaxing and contemplative.

The scraps hung on, they were multiplying in my sleep.

I then moved on to "Cookie Crisis Purses." I chose to make the purses with my scraps even though it extended the construction time immensely. Also they were fun! I added a little rhyme from a card my sister sent me about 20 years ago and placed water resistant fabric to the inside to help them last. I cannot show you those - but I will in the new year!

The scraps hung on, they were multiplying in my sleep.

I found a friend, someone starting out on their quilt odyssey, someone needing a sour dough scrap mix.

I sent the rest of my scraps to her hoping she finds some inspiration in those bits. I hope her scrap mix grows too!

The scraps are multiplying in her sleep!

Scrap well!


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