Creating Sari Scraps

A few years ago a friend of mine showed me her sari scraps wall hangings she had purchased overseas on vacation. Those lovely pieces, heavily beaded, sequined and hand stitched pieces have remained at the back of my mind as inspiration for awhile now and I had the opportunity to see some first hand in Doha, Qatar last year. Although that heavily beaded turquoise one had to be left on the shelf in the store due to weight limitations, I did manage to find space for a small green wall hanging that now hangs on in my home.

When saris wear out, the good sections of the cloth are cut into scraps and stitched into wall hangings or blankets creating beautiful beaded and stitched items. The seams are covered by rolled bits of fabric and over stitched.

I created this wall hanging for a workshop coming up at the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst in October of this year. Some blocks are odd patterned while others I created beautiful medallions; stitched with all colours of sequins and beads. Some blocks are bobbin couched to created a thicker stitched line while others are hand embroidered. Under my workshop listings you will see another version stitched with many colours of thread, bead and sequin.

Although the hand work can be time consuming, it is quite soothing. The satisfaction of creating a beautiful (and shiny) piece carries you through.


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